John Richardson

He was born May 3 1947 in Dagenham, Essex. He was the drummer of the band between 1974 and 1979 and after 1999. Besides being a member of The Rubettes he worked as a studio-musician with people like David Essex, Boy George, Carl Douglas ("Kung Fu Fighting") en John Lodge. He also worked together with Alan Williams as a member of "The Medium" and duo "Baskin & Copperfield". John would become one of the worlds most outstanding percussionists. It is said that he has an utterly symphatetic and extrovert personality. In 1980 he became an alternative healer and since then he tries to help others by means of his music, hypnotherapy, past-life regressiontherapy en reflexology. Five years later he was awarded into Devi Sarasvati mantra (the Goddess of learning and music). In 1989 he came into contact with his eternal spiritual master, His Divine Grace Srila Siva Rama Swami Maharaja and in 1989 was awarded with Hari Nama initiation followed by the sacred Gayatri mantra in 1992. Within the Hare Krishna-movement he is known as Jayadev. John is married and has two children. He and his family are trying to become devotees of Lord Krishna. Therefore everything they do is an attempt to offer Him some menial service. He is trying to make his work my worship and my worship my work. The mantras he works with, or that work with him, are all names of God. God's name, and himself, is non-different. Therefore as He is omnipotent so are His names. Utilising Them in his compositions, recordings (a.o. "Spirit of the Red Man", "Drums of a Nation", "Celtic Drums") and therapy is a great honour for him. Endeavouring to chant them perfectly will help reveal the divine potential in the listener and John himself.

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